Follow these steps to login to the Reading Partners Connects platform and locate your lesson materials.

Step 1

Log in to the Reading Partners Connects system ( with the email & password provided by Reading Partners. Log in no more than 24 hours in advance.

    •  Note: Materials for your first two lessons with your student will be emailed to you by your program coordinator.

Step 2

Click on your student’s name (in blue).

Step 3

Once you click on your student’s name, you will see the Lesson Plan, Google Slides, and Student Read Aloud book you need for the lesson. Click on each link to have them open for your lesson. Each link will open in a new tab in the window you are using. You can use the lesson library to find the lesson’s materials if you anticipate completing the current lesson and starting the next one. You will click Lesson Library and then the View Lesson Library tab.

You can find all the lesson materials, organized by curriculum level, on the left hand side. Click the curriculum level name to see all the lesson plans, Google Lesson Slides, and Student Read Aloud books. Click the blue text and it will open the materials into a new tab in your window.

Step 4

You will also need to open the list of tutor read aloud options for your student to choose from. If your student was part through a book and you want to finish it during your session, you can see the book’s name when you click the student’s name. To find the list of all read aloud options, click the lesson library tab in the top right hand corner of the system page and then click View Tutor Read Aloud Library. This is where you can pick up a tutor read aloud where the last session’s tutor left off.

When you click View Tutor Read Aloud Library, it will open a Google document in a new tab in your window. You can help the student select the tutor read aloud based on your student’s curriculum level and interest.


Here’s a video demonstrating how to find lesson materials in the Reading Partners Connects platform.