The Reading Partners Connects (RPCx) system

All Reading Partners volunteers will log into the Reading Partners Connects system before their session to find lesson materials and review the last session’s notes. This is also where you will complete tutor notes at the end of your session. The system also includes an automated timer that will notify you when your session is 5 minutes from ending. This will also be where you log into the video meeting for your session.

Zoom conferencing

What is Zoom? Zoom is an online platform for video and audio calls and conferencing. Instructions on how to download Zoom can be found here.

Using a computer or laptop, students and tutors will open their web browser and log into each Reading Partners 1 Connects tutoring session using the Zoom platform. Refer below for information on how to log-in and share your computer screen.

Our guide is designed for using the Chrome browser. We highly recommend downloading Chrome if you do not already have it installed. You will always need to make sure you are using the most updated version of your browser. All of our training and resources are designed to work and support you working with Chrome. You can find instructions to install Chrome here.

You will also need to ensure you are working with an updated version of Chrome. You can find instructions to update your browser here.

How to login

Follow these steps for logging in and starting your session:

  • Go to the Reading Partners Connects system login site at (this link will also be emailed to you).
  • Enter the email you use to communicate with Reading Partners.
  • Enter your assigned numerical password (sent to you by Reading Partners).
  • On the dashboard home page, you will see a button that says “start session.” This will launch your session. If it’s been over 20 minutes since you logged in, you will need to refresh the page.
  • Once you are in Zoom, your program coordinator will assign you and your student to a breakout room for your session.