Step 1

Log in to the Reading Partners Connects system ( and click on “Session” and “Add Tutor Notes.”

Tip: It can be helpful to keep lesson materials up on your computer if you are filling these out right after your session. That way you can capture the lesson number and book
titles that were read.


Step 2

You will see the tutor notes page appear. Answer each question based on the session you just completed.

Step 3

In the “What Went Well in Today’s Session” section make sure to talk specifically about the students growth in reading skills (comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness). Similarly, in the “Challenges/Recommendations for Next Session” section, also make sure to talk about the student’s literacy skills. This will help the next tutor with their lesson (if the student works with a different tutor) as well as keep the program coordinator updated on student mastery of skills. Towards the bottom of the page, There will be a question around student focus and engagement.

  • Examples of what could be added in the “What Went Well” section:
    • “Jack was able to clearly identify the main idea of the passage after we had
      discussed the supporting details.”
    • “Macy completed the fluency portion of the lesson and read with proper
      pacing and enunciation of the words.”
  • Examples of what could be added in the “Challenges/Recommendations” section:
    • “Tim could benefit from additional practice with the short vowel sound in double “oo” words like ‘look’, and ‘book’.”
    • “It would’ve been helpful to play Brie’s Individualized Reading Plan (IRP) game in the middle of the lesson to help keep her motivated throughout the rest of the lesson. Might be useful to try out for the next lesson.”

Step 4

After filling out this form, click “Add Session” to submit the form.

Step 5

To review previous tutor notes, click on “Session” and “View Tutor Notes.”


Here’s a video demonstrating how to log tutor notes in the Reading Partners Connects platform.