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According to the Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report, “Parents of frequent readers are more likely to be frequent readers themselves.” Simply put, if you want your child to read more, show your child that you also enjoy reading. Kids imitate what their parents do!

Here are 4 tips to be a reading role model

1. Share your own reading interests with your child. Do you enjoy cookbooks? Blogs? The newspaper? Talk to your child about what you like to read.

2. When you check-out or buy a book for your child, pick something out for yourself. This sends the message that reading isn’t just for kids. You might even have your child help you select what to read.

3. Bring reading materials with you wherever you go as a family. When you head to the park or to visit a relative, pack your bag with reading materials for yourself and your child. If you travel on public transportation, that’s also a great time to read together. Whenever you have downtime, use this as an opportunity to read together.

4. Get caught reading! Set aside time to read in front of your child. Show your child your love of reading by reading a chapter of your favorite novel, or an article in a magazine. Share an interesting fact or your opinion on what you read and discuss it with your child.

Download and print the tip sheet for easy reference.