A whiteboard can be used in many different ways throughout a tutoring session. This downloadable tip sheet covers different ways you can use the whiteboard and when to let your student take the lead.

Use the whiteboard to:

  • Set an agenda for your lesson
  • Record student goals
  • Review vocabulary
  • Play games at the end of the session
  • For Emerging Readers, use the whiteboard to model how to form letters of the alphabet.
  • For Beginning Readers, use the whiteboard for the Word Analysis and Essential Words steps.
  • For Comprehension Readers, use the whiteboard to jot down your student’s ideas during the Student Read Aloud. This information can then be transferred into the graphic organizer after the student completes the book.

When to let your student take the lead:

  • Check off or cross off the steps of the agenda
  • Take turns playing games at the end of a session
  • Review vocabulary
  • For Emerging Readers, a student can complete Rainbow Writing on the whiteboard if you have several different colors of dry erase markers.
  • For Beginning Readers, have your student circle or underline the letter you are focusing on during the Word Analysis component.
  • For Comprehension Readers, have your student use the whiteboard during the Tutor Read Aloud to jot down the story elements and any ideas they have about the text.