What can I learn from my student’s IRP?

The Instructional Reading Plan (IRP) is located on the outside of your student’s color-coded tutor folder. The IRP contains individualized strategies to support your student’s learning in addition to observation notes that help track your student’s progress. The strategy is updated periodically in order to target areas of need as your student develops in his or her literacy skills. Reading Partners staff select a strategy based on your student’s assessment results, observational data, as well as input from the student’s classroom teacher.

How and when should I review my student’s IRP?

Reviewing the IRP should be a part of your daily routine as a tutor. You should implement the strategy consistently each time you work with your student. As observation notes are added to the IRP, you can use these findings to inform your instruction. Your site coordinator can help you gain a deeper understanding of the strategy as well as your student’s progress. Always be sure to ask if you have any questions about a strategy or anecdotal data captured in the observation notes.