What is the STAR assessment?

The STAR assessment is a computer-based test that measures a student’s progress towards mastery over key literacy skills. Reading Partners’ students in grades K-2 take the STAR Early Literacy assessment and students in grades 3 and above take STAR Reading. The STAR assessment is used to measure a student’s growth over time towards becoming a proficient reader.

How does Reading Partners use the STAR assessment?

Students in Reading Partners are assessed three times a year:

  1. Upon entry: The entry assessment helps us understand what skills the student is coming in with and identifies their eligibility for our program. Your student’s performance on entry assessment also informs your student’s curriculum placement and initial IRP strategy.
  2. At midyear: The midyear assessment allows us to monitor student growth.  We use this assessment to understand how much the student has grown since being enrolled in Reading Partners, and identify the skills that need to be focused on for the second half of the year.
  3. At the end of the year: The end of year assessment captures your student’s growth for the duration of the school year.  We use the results of this assessment to identify the gains they have made during their time in Reading Partners.