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Reading is a process, use these strategies before, during, and after reading to provide a more engaging and educational experience for your child.

Before you read

  1. Discuss the title and cover art, then make a prediction about the book… “I think this book will be about…”
  2. Read the blurb on the back… “I’m excited to read this book because…”
  3. Connect the topic of the book to other familiar information… “This reminds me of…”

During reading

  1. Make personal connections to the characters or events… “The character reminds me of…”
  2. Predict what might happen next
  3. Discuss how the illustrations add to the story
  4. Discuss the characters’ emotions.
  5. Discuss how the illustrations add to the story… “I think the character feels ______ because _____.”

After reading

  1. Summarize the important parts that happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story
  2. Discuss your favorite part of the story… “My favorite part of the book was …”
  3. Connect the characters, events, or ideas to another book you’ve read… “This story is similar to…”
  4. Discuss your opinion of the ending… “I liked/disliked the end because…”

Download and print the tip sheet for easy reference.