This resource will help you support the Emerging Reader student you are working with based on the literacy skills that are taught in 2nd through 3rd grade.

What is an Emerging Readers (2nd-3rd grade) student working on?

● Identifying all of the letters and their sounds.
● Identifying the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words (“What is the last
sound in the word ‘cat’?” Student: /t/).
● Identifying rhyming words (What words rhyme with ‘cat’? ‘Bat’, ‘hat’, etc.).
● Blending 3-4 sounds into a whole word (/s/ /a/ /t/, Student: “sat”).
● Separate (segment) 3-4 sounds in a one-syllable word (“map”, Student: /m/ /a/ /p/).
● Substitute a sound in a word (“Sat. What word do we get when we change the /s/ to
/p/?” Student: “pat”).
● Adding a sound to a word (“What word do we get when we add /b/ to the beginning
of ‘rake’?” Student: “brake”).