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For beginning readers who are building reading proficiency, you can read a book to your child, they can read it to you, or they might even be ready to start reading simple books independently. After reading the book of their choice, help your child complete the worksheet.

The worksheets included in this packet are designed to practice specific beginning reader skills, including:

  • Story structure – identifying the core elements of story structure: characters, setting, problem, and solution.
  • Sequence of events – recalling the main events of a story in order.
  • Main idea and details – understanding the main idea of a story as well as the details that support the main idea.
  • Asking and answering questions – find answers to your questions about the book by discovering them throughout the story.

The beginning reader worksheets include an option for informational or literature texts.

Literature texts are fiction books written to entertain or evoke a particular emotion. Literature texts are often based on made up characters, stories, and events that might be inspired by real life experiences. Literature texts allow students to explore their imaginations and more complex language and themes.

Informational texts are nonfiction books written to explain information about a particular topic. Informational texts are based on facts or real people, things, and events. Informational texts allow students to learn new information about the world around them.

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