It’s important to set a purpose for reading before leading a read aloud or when you are introducing the text for the student read aloud. Here are some of the most common purposes for reading informational and literature texts:

Informational texts:

  • To learn something new
  • To learn more information about a topic
  • To compare information from different sources
  • To learn about the cause and/or effects of an event
  • To learn about a person’s life and accomplishments
  • To become an expert on a topic
  • To learn about how something has changed over time
  • To be persuaded by the author to take on a particular stance or to take action

Literature texts:

  • To be entertained
  • To get to know the characters
  • To learn the characters’ motivation
  • To see how characters react to the events in the plot
  • To find out how characters change over the course of the plot
  • To identify the problem and/or solution
  • To find out what happens in the plot
  • To examine the author’s use of language
  • To figure out the author’s message
  • To learn important life lessons