This resource will help you support the Beginning Readers student you are working with based on the literacy skills that are taught in first through third grade.


What is a Beginning Readers student working on?
● Blending sounds to make words (m-a-t = mat)
● Identifying short and long vowel sounds (apple vs. take; egg vs. bean igloo vs.
like, dog vs. pole
● Identifying the sounds of initial consonant blends such as ‘br’ as in ‘bring’ and ‘sm’ as
in ‘smell’
● Identifying combinations of letters that create a new sound (digraphs), for example:
‘ch’ ‘th’ ‘sh’
● Identifying different long vowel patterns such as ‘ai’ as in ‘maid’ or ‘ea’ as in ‘leaf’
● Identifying characters, plot, setting, problem and solution in a story
● Using text features such as photos and labels to learn from a nonfiction text
● Using the glossary to learn key vocabulary words in a nonfiction text