This resource will help you support the Emerging Reader student you are working with based on the literacy skills that are taught in kindergarten – 1st grade.


What is an Emerging Readers (K-1st grade) student working on?
● Identifying each letter in the alphabet and the sound for each letter in the alphabet.
● Identifying whether words rhyme (hat, mat).
● Providing a word that rhymes with another (“tell me a word that rhymes with ‘sun’”).
● Blending syllables or onset-rimes into a word (cup–cake “cupcake”; /m/ /ap/- “map”).
● Clapping or counting syllables in a 1 to 3 syllable word.
● Providing the first sound in a word (“what is the beginning sound in “fish”? Student:
● Separating (segmenting) sounds in 3-4 letter words (“Tell me the sounds in ‘hat’.”
Student: /h/ /a/ /t/).