There are many factors that contribute to a student’s reading progress. Our goal is to ensure students are receiving targeted reading instruction at his or her individual reading level. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect of your student’s progress, and how to track their progress toward their individualized goals.

What type of progress should I expect to see in my student?

All students learn at a different rate. One of the many benefits of the one-to-one tutoring model is the ability to tailor instruction to the pace at which your student learns. While some students will make consistent progress over time, other students may need additional review of specific skills or lessons before they can make larger gains.

There are many outside factors that can contribute to a student’s growth over time, however, the goal of Reading Partners is to ensure the student is receiving targeted reading instruction regardless of challenges he or she may face outside of the center. In order to best serve your student:

  • Get to know the ways in which he or she learns best.
  • Talk to your site coordinator to learn more about your student’s individual learning style and how to best meet his or her needs.

What student specific information can my site coordinator share with me?

Reading Partners is aligned with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects the privacy of students’ education records. You can read through your student’s STAR assessment information on his or her Instructional Reading Plan (IRP), but this data cannot be emailed nor can it be shared or discussed outside of the reading center.

Furthermore, the STAR assessment is just one of the many ways we measure and track student growth and progress throughout the year. Your site coordinator conducts observations of your student throughout the year and meets with the teachers within the school. Talk to the site coordinator to learn more about the information collected in observations and conferences. You can also learn more about your student’s progress and learning style by reading through tutor notes and Roadmap in your students folder.

What goals are students in Reading Partners working towards?

Students in Reading Partners are working towards goals that are developmentally appropriate for their grade level and literacy development. Students in grades K-2 are working towards mastering specific, grade appropriate literacy skills. Students in grades 3 and 4 are working to double their rate of learning, increase their percentile rank, and decrease their grade level gap.

If you are interested in learning more about your student’s individual goal, read through his or her IRP located in the student folder.

You can also view our organizational student progress goals by downloading the attached pdf.