It’s no secret that keeping books in the home is a surefire way to help kids succeed in reading and in school. But books aren’t always cheap, and too often the financial burden of buying them can limit the number of books kids have access to in their homes. Financial constraints shouldn’t keep a child sheltered from the joys and wonders of a great read. Luckily, there are many inexpensive ways to get books into the home.

Here are 6 ideas for finding books on a budget:

1. Make a trip to the local library, an absolutely free way to enjoy some great reads.

2. Search for used books at Goodwill or other thrift stores for major discounts and great finds. Garage sales are another source for hidden gems and cheap reads.

3. Start a book swap with your friends and family. Find some great reads, while socializing with loved ones.

4. Join an online book swap and receive books at the cost of shipping. It’s also an environmentally-friendly way to recycle books.

5. Check websites like, freecycle, Facebook marketplace, Nextdoor that might have used books for a very low price. Sometimes you can find books for free!

6. If you have access to an e-reader or enjoy reading online, then be sure to take advantage of the TONS of free books that are available online.